Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home-made donuts!!

Tonight I made pumpkin donuts...they are going to be the snack I bring for ATC club tomorrow. At least I hope they'll be the snack I bring...I am a bit worried how they will be in the morning. Should I cover them or leave the lid off? If I cover them will they be soggy by morning? If I leave the lid off will they dry out? I guess I'll look at it this way...if they don't taste good tomorrow, then I'll have saved everyone a couple hundred calories for the day. If they rock tomorrow, awesome...because they were so much fun to make!!
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Anonymous said...


Sure was disappointed to not get the donuts. They look so good.

Great to see you and Ami at ATC


twinmomstamper said...

Where is ATC club? That sounds like fun.